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PROTECTRIX Remembers When You Forget

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Automatically closes your garage door when you forget
Works with most garage door openers - see compatibility
Alarm warns prior to closing the garage door
Adjustable delay time, easily disabled to leave garage door open

Top Reasons People Purchase Protectrix™ :

  1. Burglarized (>40% of robbers/burglars enter through an open garage)
  2. Forgetful family members forget to close the garage
  3. Wide operating Range (delay times from 1 minute to 4 hours)
  4. Live near a Military Base or Airport and the garage door mysteriously opens
  5. Pipes burst in their garage during the winter
  6. Rattlesnakes, Raccoons and other Wild Animals peruse their garage
  7. Fined by Home Owner Association for leaving garage door open
  8. Drive home just to check if the garage door is closed
  9. Do not want garage door warranty voided by running wires into it

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